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I really can’t wait to go to Frisco with Jeremy in two weeks. On October 6th we will share such an amazing experience together, we will get to watch You Me At Six sing the songs we spent our whole summer singing along to when we went on our long drives.
It probably doesn’t mean as much to him as it does to me.

Babe I just want you to wake up and realize it’s ME and it’s always been ME.

That night when we were panting in the dark and I said I love you and you said it back, was it just in the moment for you or was your whole heart in that?

It was my fault for letting myself fall for you….

I wasn’t in love with you, but I was falling and you didn’t catch me…

I am the weakest person I know…

I just want to play some fucking Magic :D

I want to be able to sleep without you again…

I thought I could let this go… but I can’t…

You were my BEST FRIEND god damn it. I told you everything, I opened up to you… I gave you my heart… What hurts me more than you breaking up with me is that you don’t even need me in your life… You’re fine without me… and I thought I meant something to you in some way… I’m just so mad, and I’m so tired of it..

I miss you every day, but it’s far too late now.. It’s time to move on from you.

Tell me something, was I just a joke to you? Did you just want someone to use?

I’m already letting go of all this bullshit with you but mother fucker I gave you my heart and you just gave it back. You’re just full of shit, and you deserve to be with that chick, you’re both pretty fucking heartless.

I don’t know where we stand from here anymore. You looked straight into my eyes that night and said, “I don’t want to lose you either.” but here we are, not even speaking to one another. I miss my best friend, and it pisses me off that it’s YOUR fault.. You could of just waited until you were ready to move on from Tania, you could of and you didn’t.

The little voice inside of my head tells me to prepare for the worse because you probably wont come back. I miss you every day. Forget about the whole couple factor for a second please. I miss my BEST FRIEND, I don’t NEED you to be my boyfriend right now, I just need you to be my best friend again.

I hate that my parents think it’s okay for me to stay home miserable, and depressed. What I need is to be going out and getting my mind off of Alan, not fucking sitting here thinking about him all day.

Oh so it bothers you when they say my name, well I hope they say it every time they see your face!

Day 5 Without Alan.

I’m at my breaking point. I give up.

I have decided that when I have a son his first name will be Bruce and his middle name Wayne. My immediate family will call him Batman.

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